Meet the science teacher behind Quantum Coffee Roasters


Fidel Moreno took an unexpected detour into the world of coffee about eight years ago. It all began with a student, Mohammed “Mo” Alawalla, who noticed Moreno’s daily coffee habit and encouraged him to open a small business on the north-west side called Quantum Coffee Roasters.

“(He) took notice of the fact that I drank coffee every morning. And, unbeknownst to me, he was already roasting his own coffee “According to Moreno. “And he gave me about a pound of his freshly roasted coffee. And I will admit that I initially tasted it. And I really didn’t care for it because it wasn’t a commercial brand that I was familiar with.”

However, the Clark High School physics teacher was determined not to waste it, and he pushed on – completing the bag. He couldn’t believe what was about to happen.

“I returned to my original selection and became acutely aware of the distinctions between coffees. There is an entire world of flavours and notes available with truly excellent coffee “‘He stated.

Moreno began experimenting, roasting his creations in his kitchen and then sharing them with friends. The idea of starting a small family business percolated and eventually culminated in the establishment of a brick-and-mortar location at “Just the Drip” (located at the Point Park and Eats on Boerne Stage Road west of I-10). Along with his wife, who is also a teacher, Moreno’s daughter and son, who are both college students, keep the business afloat.

A few months ago, Moreno’s coffee caught the eye of Food Network star and chef Alton Brown, who shared a photo of himself sampling the coffee during a visit to San Antonio.

Moreno’s family business is named after his passion for physics and his love of fine coffee.

“The name Quantum (represents) that next level, kind of like what quantum physics is, is that next level of physics that is, you know, just being discovered – that next level of coffee that we provide to people that you really can’t get anywhere else,” Moreno said. “We have some coffees from single origins that no one else in the country has. That is essentially what we are hoping for in terms of quantum coffee.”

Quantum Coffee Roasters has recently begun experimenting with a popular method of delivering coffee to on-the-go coffee drinkers. Moreno weighed his options carefully.

Moreno was concerned about the environmental impact of selling K-cup pods, which do not have recyclable foil lids. So being a science teacher, he hypothesized – he knew there had to be a more eco-friendly solution.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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