McDonald’s launches a new ‘Austrialiano’ coffee for Aussie customers – so would YOU try the unusual brew?


McDonald’s has created a new signature coffee called the ‘Australiano’ by combining wattleseed with its famous coffee bean blend. It took a year for the fast food restaurant to perfect its new coffee, which features a hint of chai in its flavour profile.

McDonald’s Australia’s Group Brand Manager, Lancy Huynh, told FEMAIL, “We’re excited to give Aussie coffee lovers a brew they can put their name on with pride.” “Our expert baristas searched no further than our own backyard for a defining Australian ingredient – native wattleseed – to create a uniquely delicious coffee.”

In true Australian fashion, the Australiano can be served hot or cold, according to the McDonald’s team. Australia-wide, McCafe’s is now offering the coffee for a limited time.

The McCafe van will also travel between Melbourne and Brisbane, allowing lucky coffee enthusiasts to sample it for free. “Despite being a nation of coffee aficionados, we have no national coffee,” Lancy Huynh continued. As a champion of Australian coffee culture, McCafé sought to rectify this oversight by creating a blend that Australians can proudly endorse.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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