How to Spice up Your Coffee Grounds (and How Not To)


Do not speak with me until I have consumed my morning cup of coffee! While this is an overused joke for mugs, coffee shop chalkboards, and “Live Laugh Love”-style wall hangings, it is also a phrase that rings particularly true for me. I can easily consume a pot of coffee per day—the it’s only way I feel normal. And, while I enjoy the jolt of caffeine and the taste of a plain cup of coffee, it can become monotonous.

While there are countless flavoured syrups and creams available, I love coffee for the sake of coffee—above all else, I want to taste my beloved bean juice. So how do I mix it up without sacrificing the essence of what I enjoy most in the morning?

How to infuse your coffee grounds with flavour
The secret is to incorporate a small amount of something special directly into the grounds prior to brewing. This way, the flavours are not only subtly infused into your coffee, but also fill your kitchen with a pleasant aroma.

While it may seem tempting to experiment with something other than water to brew your coffee, DO NOT DO SO. Something like, say, apple cider will clog the tubes transmitting the water and render your machine inoperable. Simply flavour the grounds, not the liquid.

Add some nutmeg for an additional hint of warmth. Sprinkle a pinch of sugar on top for a hint of sweetness. You can even incorporate ingredients such as orange peels to add brightness and fruitiness to your morning coffee. Your daily cup of coffee does not have to be as mundane as it once was.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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