GrainPro and NKG Partner for US Bag Recycling Program


Industrial coffee bag maker GrainPro and the United States arm of global green coffee company Neumann Kaffee Gruppe (NKG) have launched a recycling initiative designed to keep used GrainPro plastic bags out of landfills.

The recycling program requires green coffee buyers — i.e. roasters — to pack and ship or deliver GrainPro coffee bag liners and other accepted materials to one of two locations through New Jersey-based coffee warehousing specialist Continental Terminals Inc. (CTI).

Grain Pro Hermetic Bags can be found in roasteries all over the United States, with their characteristic green hue often popping out from brown burlap, nylon or cardboard outer shells. The company says the recycling facilities will also accept other “generic bag liners” as well as its own TransSafeliner, a plastic covering for whole pallets of coffee or other goods within shipping containers.

After arriving at the East or West Coast collection points, the materials will then be sent to specialized recycling facilities, according to the companies. An informational flyer being distributed by Grainpro and NKG suggests roasters email [email protected] with their recycling needs/plans.

The Neumann Gruppe USA currently comprises Rothfos Corporation, InterAmerican Coffee and Atlas Coffee Importers, which combined accommodate a broad range of roaster clients, from small-batch specialty roasters to large industrial accounts.

“Undeniably, improving sustainability will require industry-wide approaches and collaborations,” GrainPro said in an announcement this week. “GrainPro and Neumann Gruppe USA are hopeful that coffee roasters — encouraged by their passion for coffee and commitment to the environment — will be the essential missing collaborators in this effort and take this powerful step toward a more sustainable tomorrow.”

The company said it plans to introduce a similar recycling initiative in the European market.

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Source: Daily Coffee News

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