From Mount Holly to Philly, here’s where to find espresso martinis


Joe Johnston, owner of Ark Brewery, Restaurant, and Pub, has been churning out gallons of cold brew to keep up with demand for espresso martinis.

The Lumberton brewpub began with a gallon every few days and has since increased to five gallons every few days.

“What was probably a week’s batch before is now a day’s batch,” Johnston explained.

The increase in espresso martini orders could be attributed to coffee’s familiarity and comfort, Johnston suggested.

“There’s a lot you can do with it; you can tweak it in a variety of ways,” he continued. “This is not your typical cocktail. You can add subtleties to it to set it apart from everyone else’s drink.”

Johnston, who also owns Harvest Coffee Roastery locations in Medford and Voorhees, created the cocktail by fusing his passions for spirits and coffee.

The Espresso Martini is made with a cold brew steeped for 18 hours with Stateside vodka and Harvest ground espresso beans, strained, and served with cream and sweetener.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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