Compostable & Versatile: Hiker’s Brew is The Best Way to Make Coffee When Camping


Few have perfected their cowboy coffee recipe, and even fewer are motivated to do so. Fortunately, the innovative team behind Hiker’s Brew Coffee has completely eliminated the inconvenience. With a variety of “Venture Pouches,” Hiker’s Brew has designed a truly eco-friendly coffee that is both sustainable and convenient, completely reimagining the camping coffee kit.

Designed to fuel your backcountry hike, trail run, or leisurely stroll, these compostable coffee pouches are a far cry from instant coffee. Discover what makes Hiker’s Brew the simplest and most convenient way to make coffee while camping, whether you’re driving in or packing out.

Hiker’s Brew Coffee is driven by a small group of young businesspeople. The brand was developed with an emphasis on producing environmentally friendly coffee for outdoor enthusiasts and reimagining what eco-friendly coffee packaging should look like. As a result, it introduced a number of intelligent products, such as its popular Venture Pouches. Each 36-gram, multi-use pouch produces four six-ounce cups of coffee. The coffee is organic, fair trade, and medium-ground to ensure that you never have to sacrifice flavor while traveling.

The exterior of the pouches is composed of a fully compostable (ASTM D6400 Certified) shell. Therefore, between the coffee and its packaging, Hiker’s Brew enables trail-side sustainability to be doubled. In addition, the team offers Basecamp Bags of the same organic, fair trade whole bean coffee for those fortunate adventurers with a coffee grinder. Both the Venture Pouches and Basecamp Bags feature the same compostable packaging and carry the team’s vision for a more sustainable coffee future.

Regardless of Method, This Is the Best Coffee for Camping
One of the best features of the Venture Pouches is that they can be utilized in a variety of camping coffee configurations. Each pouch is compatible with a drip, French press, aero press, percolator, pour-over, or cowboy coffee system, so you’ll never have to switch up your coffee apparatus. Simply combine the pre-ground coffee and boiling water in your preferred brewing device and enjoy.

Additionally, the Venture Pouches are available in six distinct flavors. The four flavored options include “savory, salted caramel” and “delicate, rich vanilla,” in addition to the standard medium and dark roasts.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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