Community coffee shop is a safe and sober haven


The manager of the Stella Maris coffee shop, Kathleen Shea, stated that every drink she prepares is unique. Shea stated she has been in recovery for 19 months.

The Stella Maris Coffee Shop is a gathering place for the community and is regarded by many as a sober and secure haven.

More than twenty weekly 12-step and recovery meetings, community events, neighbourhood professionals, and first responders are among those who frequent the Stella Maris coffee shop.
This coffee shop is located on the campus of Stella Maris. Since 1948, the centre has provided drug and alcohol treatment services to the Greater Cleveland community. Shea stated that this position is ideal for her because it combines both of her passions.

“Customer service and related activities, as well as being in recovery, “Shea said.

“Seeing the community and recovery come together is like a dream come true for me.”

After being forced to close during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, this renovated and reimagined coffee shop with a purpose is now not only open to the public, but also houses a workforce training programme for Stella Maris clients.

“Having client volunteers has been incredibly beneficial for both the coffee shop and the clients. They come in and learn skills, and they leave as a full-fledged barista,” Shea explained.

Daniel Lettenberger-Klein, CEO of Stella Maris, stated that workforce development is a crucial component of early recovery success and long-term stability.

“We saw an interesting opportunity for it to be more than just coffee, as it has never been just about coffee. The coffee is essential, but it is not the sole focus. It is about why people come here, what they get out of it, and what they take with them when they leave,” Lettenberger-Klein said.

The Stella Marris coffee shop is open to all guests. Patrick Patton, a former Stella Maris resident, visits multiple times per week.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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