CoffeeB’s Single-Use Coffee Machine Uses Balls Instead of Capsules


Keurig’s single-cup coffee machines and K-Cup pods have revolutionized home (and office) coffee consumption, making the concept of brewing a single cup of coffee ubiquitous. Keurigs have always been praised for their convenience, but they have also been criticized for being wasteful. All K-Cups were not completely recyclable until the end of 2020, and even then, the consumer must take several steps to properly dispose of the beverage-making pods.

Now, a new Swiss company aims to solve the inherent wastefulness of single-use coffee makers by developing a system that eliminates pods entirely. Instead of plastic or aluminum pods, the CoffeeB brand utilizes pressed coffee balls. It’s an initiative of the European supermarket chain Migros.

The balls are made by pressing finely ground coffee into a sphere and then coating it with a protective layer made from 100 percent raw plant-based material, thereby preserving its freshness and aroma. The final product is completely compostable, with no packaging waste to be concerned about.

To brew one of these coffee balls, you need CoffeeB’s Globe coffee machine, not your Keurig. The machine’s patented brewing system involves first wetting the ball to soften it, then puncturing it and inflating it with water, and finally extracting the coffee at a pressure rate between 7 and 12 bar. Notably, the coffee utilized by CoffeeB is also sustainably sourced, with all current offerings certified by either the Rainforest Alliance, the Fairtrade label, or the EU’s organic seal.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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