Chasing A Dream: Couple opens Coffee Shop, book store in Brookhaven


BROOKHAVEN – The aroma of coffee lingers in the air as warm sunlight streams through an old home on West Monticello Street. Due to the efforts of Dana Matte, the “Pink House” has been transformed into the blue, white, and orange Wild Fox Coffee Shop and Dog Ear Bookstore.

She did not accomplish it alone. While Wild Fox opened on November 28, Dana awaited the arrival of her husband Jason Matte to discuss their business venture. Dana, a nurse practitioner, stated that the pandemic was a stressful time, as did her husband, a truck driver for Walmart. On the road one day, while speaking to him on the phone, she surprised him with a plan to start her own business.

“We desired a bookstore and believed Brookhaven was in need of one. They are no longer self-sufficient, so we added a coffee shop to help support the business,” Dana explained. “I’ve always wanted to own my own business, but I envisioned a clinic in an old house.”

Jason approved of the suggestion and agreed to support her ambition.

“Initially, I was hesitant about it, but she said it had always been her dream. “I did not wish to impede her aspiration,” Jason stated. “However she went, I would make it happen.”

They purchased the house in April 2022 and began renovations during their days off from work. Jason and Dana continue to work full-time jobs while devoting their off-hours to the business.

Wild Fox is, to some extent, still a work in progress. They plan to add food such as biscuits in the near future, a drive-through will be finished in a few weeks, and they hope to transform the front porch into a seating area where people can visit.

There will be a children’s area and a room designated for a book club on the second floor. The walls of every room, including the dining room, are adorned with framed photographs of foxes, creating an inviting atmosphere. Dana stated that she adores foxes and thought it would be a cool company name.

The dogs in Dana and Jason’s lives inspire the flavors of their coffee. Each drink is based on the personality and coat color of the dog. Roscoe is the name of their corgi, and the beverage that corresponds to him has marshmallow, pecan, and caramel flavors.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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