Best Coffee Grinders Of 2022


We can all appreciate a good cup of coffee, whether it’s Folgers in the morning or a K-cup for a quick pick-me-up. But let’s get real. Do not deceive yourself into believing that any other method produces a better-tasting cup of coffee than using freshly ground beans. Whether you prefer espresso, cold brew, or French press, grinding your coffee at home is one of the most effective and intelligent ways to enhance your morning brew.

The result of grinding coffee at home does not necessarily taste like the finest barista blend. For instance, grounds that are too coarse for your brewing method will result in muted coffee flavours, whereas grounds that are too fine will result in a bitter flavour (and almost too much like coffee, depending on who you ask). Overall, coffee grounds are not one size fits all. An extra coarse grind size is ideal for cold brew, a medium grind size is ideal for standard drip or pour-over coffee, and a fine grind size is ideal for Turkish coffee and espresso (via Homegrounds).

This means that the needs and preferences of the coffee drinker should guide the selection of a coffee grinder, not the other way around. Blade versus burr, manual versus electric, and conical versus flat can leave you reaching for the Keurig, but have no fear! With these options and our handy roundup of the best coffee grinders, you’re guaranteed delicious coffee.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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