Bellwether Launches Cloud-Powered Small Batch Coffee Roasting-on-Demand


Bellwether, a manufacturer of electric ventless coffee roasters for small-batch roasters and coffee shops, has introduced a cloud-connected coffee roasting service that allows coffee shops and retailers to roast coffee using a sharing economy model.

Bellwether on Demand is a new service that enables anyone interested in roasting a batch of coffee to do so through its newly launched Bellwether Hubs. The Bellwether Hubs, the first of which is located at the company’s headquarters in Berkeley, California, are software-controlled multi-roaster systems that enable anyone to roast small batches of coffee on a large scale.

From the press release: “Each roaster in the Hub is controlled by a single interface, allowing for the roasting of multiple SKUs at once or the simultaneous fulfillment of large orders across multiple roasters. The software-driven precision of the system can replicate identical roasts on any roaster, allowing retailers to roast large orders with the freshness, quality, and consistency of a small-batch operation.”

This new offering from Bellwether is a natural progression of the company’s small ventless roaster business, which, as I wrote in 2019, brings “tech-powered coffee roasters to the coffee shop”

This new company takes the concept even further by adding a sharing economy twist to a platform that was already aimed at democratizing coffee roasting beyond the big players. In other words, the company provides an easier entry point for aspiring roasters by providing coffee-roasting-as-a-service to smaller roasters who lack the funds to purchase their own roaster or those who want to add their own custom-roasted coffee as a business but do not wish to invest in their own micro-roaster.

Currently, the roasting service is only accessible through the company’s headquarters-hosted Bellwether Hub, but Bellwether says it will soon roll out new hubs at customer locations across the nation. This provides Bellwether customers with their own roaster a new way to monetize their Bellwether investment by launching their own roast-on-demand services.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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