A Look Into Deltina Coffee Roasters


Deltina Coffee Roasters has opened a second location on Taft Street in San Luis Obispo, replacing the previously shut-down Kin Coffee Bar. Kin was closed in April 2022 after sexual assault allegations were made about its owner, Julian Contreras. The coffee shop was rebranded to Taft Street Coffee and closed before Deltina took over the space. Since its opening, Deltina Coffee has faced pushback from community members who believe the business is related to Kin. Deltina employees, Kyleigh Cuevas, say people often ask if they are the same owners or are related to Kin in any way. Deltina owner Jack Quint said the building’s history with Kin Coffee was a big consideration in their decision to expand to a second location. The time leading up to the opening allowed Deltina to vocalize to the community that they are separate from Kin. They put “Established 2018” on the front of their building and emphasized their status as an organic coffee roaster in Oceano since 2018.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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