A Look Back at the 2022 Roast Summit @ Coffee Fest PNW


Roast magazine was thrilled to bring back our inaugural Roast Summit last week in Seattle. Bringing together coffee professionals from around the world to learn about approaches to roasting, processing and sourcing green coffee, this was the first in-person iteration of the Roast Summit since 2019. 

The event took place at the Seattle Convention Center one day ahead of Coffee Fest PNW.

Highlights of the day included: a session led by Rob Hoos of Iteration.Coffee on sample roasting theory; an exploration of roast curve experiments with Nicki Amouri of Caffè Amouri; a discussion on how post-roasting rest times affect sensory impact led by Joey Stazzone of Cafe Kreyol; an analysis on the impact of drying temperatures and bean moisture led by Yimara Martinez Agudelo of the Coffee Quality Institute; and a session on roasting decaf coffee led by Stacey Lynden of Swiss Water Decaf. 

As we look forward to more high-level roasting and Coffee Fests, here’s a look back at the 2022 photos through the lens of photographer Juan José Sánchez Macías: 

We’d like to extend an emphatic thank you to all the knowledgeable speakers, to the generous sponsors and to everyone who attended Roast Summit 2022. 

Source: Daily Coffee News

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