787 Coffee opens first Brooklyn location in Greenpoint


Greenpoint is not short of excellent coffee shops, but the neighbourhood has made room for one more with a distinct Puerto Rican flavour. 787 Coffee (211 McGuinness Blvd.) opened on the ground floor of the Otto condominium complex on busy McGuinness Blvd.

787 Coffee currently operates fourteen locations across New York City and three in Puerto Rico, but this is the company’s first location in Brooklyn. The brand has set a target of twenty-five locations by the end of 2022, demonstrating resilience in the face of the pandemic.

787 Coffee bills itself as a “farm-to-cup experience for coffee enthusiasts worldwide.” The coffee beans originate in Maricao, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rican influences pervade the menu.

The beverage menu at 787 is extensive, featuring classics such as lattes, americanos, cortados, and matcha, as well as more unique Puerto Rican specialities such as the Coquito Latte, Marzipan Latte, and even a Rum-Infused Espresso. On the menu, you’ll find classic cold brew, as well as rum- and mint-infused cold brews, as well as hot and cold teas. Additionally, 787 offers fresh squeezed orange juice and chia limeade.

Additionally, 787’s menu features daily baked items such as spinach and cheese empanadas and pork empanadas, as well as sandwiches and items such as avocado toast and a turkey bacon quesito.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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