The Winners of the SCA’s 2023 US Coffee Championships


After three days of intense competitions and judging in Portland, Oregon, six people emerged as United States coffee champions and will represent the U.S. in world championship events. 

The United States Coffee Championships are overseen by the Specialty Coffee Association, the coffee trade organization that held its annual U.S. expo alongside the competitions. (See DCN’s complete coverage of the 2023 SCA Expo here.)

Here are the winners and final standings of each of the six U.S. championship events, as announced yesterday in Portland:

2023 US Barista Championship

2023 US Barista Champion
  1. Isaiah Sheese, Archetype Coffee (Omaha, Nebraska)

  2. Morgan Eckroth, Onyx Coffee Lab (Portland, Oregon)

  3. Juan Diaz, KWC (Orlando, Florida)

  4. Dakota Graff, Onyx Coffee Lab (Rogers, Arkansas)

  5. Reef Bessette, The Coffee Movement (San Francisco)

  6. Frank La, Be Bright Coffee (Los Angeles)

2023 US Roaster Championship

2023 US Roaster Champion
  1. Andrew Coe, Elevator Coffee (Portland, Oregon)

  2. Steve Cuevas, Black Oak Coffee Roasters (Ukiah, California)

  3. Alex Huang, Aroma Craft Coffee (Walnut, California)

  4. Eduardo Choza, Mayorga Coffee (Rockville, Maryland)

  5. Matthew Selivanow, Kafiex Roasters (Vancouver, Washington)

  6. Sam LaRobardiere, Theory Coffee Roasters (Redding, California)

2023 US Brewers Cup Championship

2023 US Brewers Cup Champion
  1. Wenbo Yang, Artly Coffee (Portland, Oregon)

  2. Weihong Zhang, Blendin Coffee Club (Houston)

  3. Daniel Teplitz, Klatch Coffee (Los Angeles)

  4. Jesus Iniquez, Archetype Coffee (Omaha, Nebraska)

  5. Max Phills, Loveless Coffees (Brooklyn, New York)

  6. Elika Liftee, Onyx Coffee Lab (Rogers, Arkansas)

2023 US Cup Tasters Championship

2023 US Cup Tasters Champion
  1. Jake Donaghy, Olympia Coffee Roasting (Olympia, Washington)

  2. Andrew Shelley, Brio Coffeeworks (Burlington, Vermont)

  3. Andy Sprenger, Sweet Bloom Coffee Co (Lakewood, Colorado)

  4. Tom Bomford, Black Fox Coffee (New York City)

2023 US Coffee in Good Spirits Championship

2023 US Coffee in Good Spirits Champion
  1. Sam Schroeder, Olympia Coffee (Olympia, Washington)

  2. Kyle Hamlin, Jubala Coffee (Raleigh, North Carolina)

  3. Edwin Gorritz, Barista Squared (Orlando, Florida)

  4. Linnea True, Boxcar Coffee Roasters (Arvada, Colorado)

  5. Natasha Solowoniuk, Caffe Vita (Seattle)

  6. Mo Koolphanich, Slipstream Coffee (Arlington, Virginia)

2023 Latte Art Championship

2023 US Latte Art Champions
  1. Piyapat Lapteerawut, Coffee Project NY (New York City)

  2. Wenbo Yang, Artly Coffee (Portland, Oregon)

  3. Truc Ngo, IO Coffee (Los Angeles)

  4. Julie Patadia, Coffee Project NY (New York City)

  5. Camilo Gomez, Nativus/Red House (Newark, New Jersey)

  6. Adbulqader Dali, Dali Coffee LLC (Arlington, Virginia)

Source: Daily Coffee News

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