The Winners of the 2022 United States Coffee Championships


Three days of intense performances preceded by weeks and months of training has culminated in six new national coffee champions representing the United States.

Winners of all six events were announced yesterday at the Specialty Coffee Association-sanctioned United States Coffee Championships, which took place in conjunction with the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston.

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The winners of all six events will be representing the United States at the World Coffee Championships in either Milan or Melbourne.

The day’s highest-profile event, the Barista Championship, was one by perhaps the stage’s most high-profile personality, social media star Morgan Eckroth of @morgandrinkscoffee.

Here are all the winners and finalists for the 2022 U.S. Barista Championship, Brewers Cup Championship, Cup Tasters Championship, Coffee In Good Spirits Championship, Latte Art Championship and Roaster Championship:

2022 United States Barista Championship Winners

2022 United States Barista Champion

1) Morgan Eckroth (she/they) | Keeper Coffee | Portland, Oregon

2) Brooke Wolfe (she/her) | Elixr Coffee Roasters | Nashville

3) Elisabeth Johnson (she/her) | Dayglow | Los Angeles

4) Meg Skop (she/her) | Independent | San Francisco

5) Bryan Overstreet (he/him) | The Coffee Movement | San Francisco

6) David Buehrer (he/him) | Greenway Coffee Company | Houston

2022 United States Roaster Championship Winners

2022 US Roaster Champion

1) Nick Berardi (he/him) | Mostra Coffee | San Diego, CA

2) Jen Apodaca (they/she) | Mother Tongue Coffee | Oakland, CA

3) Rudy Altamirano (he/him) | Ilustre | San Diego, CA

4) Evan Inatome (he) | Elixir Coffee | Philadelphia, PA

5) Andrew Coe (he/him) | Elevator Coffee | Portland, OR

6) Wenbo Yang (he) | Blue Hill Coffee | Seattle, WA

2022 United States Brewers Cup Championship Winners

2022 United States Brewers Cup Champion

1) Elika Liftee (he/him) | Onyx Coffee Lab | Rogers, AR

2) Marvin Duncan (he/him) | Perc Coffee Roasters | Savannah, GA

3) Tommy Kim (he/him) | Balrog Coffee Inc. | Los Angeles, CA

4) Sam Spillman (she/her) | Caffe Vita | Seattle, WA

5) Matt Brosinski (he/him) | Blanchards Coffee | Richmond, VA

6) Elise Tanyag (she/her) | Blanchards Coffee | Richmond, VA

United States 2022 United States Cup Tasters Championship Winners

2022 US Cup Tasters Champion

1) Julien Langevin (he/him) | Coffee By Design | Portland, ME

2) Lindsay (Ran) Rho (she/her) | Idea Coffee | New York, NY

3) Thomas J. Chandler (etc) | Black Oak Coffee Roasters | Ukiah, CA

4) Charles Gonzalez (he/him) | Ground Control | San Antonio, TX

2022 United States Coffee In Good Spirits Championship Winners

2022 US Coffee In Good Spirits Champion

1) Alexandra Hager (she/her) | CJ Foodville USA | Los Angeles, CA

2) Dakota Graff (he/him) | Onyx Coffee Lab | Bentonville, AR

3) MiMo (they/them) | Juno Coffee, Cora Coffee | Sacramento, CA

4) Linnea True (she/her) | Boxcar Coffee Roasters | Denver, CO

5) Christina Lee (she/her) | Round K Coffee Roasters | New York, NY

6) Mo Koolphanich (she/her) | Slipstream | Washington, D.C.

2022 United States Latte Art Championship Winners

2022 US Latte Art Champion

1) Piyapat (Flook) Lapteerawut (he/him) | Coffee Project New York | New York, New York

2) Tracy Jiang (she/her) | Intelligentsia | Boston, MA

3) Ed Griffin (they/them) | Messenger Coffee | Kansas City, MO

4) Ujae Lee (he/him) | PlantShed | New York, NY

5) Proph (he/him) | Exemplar | Brooklyn, New York

6) Donald Perdomo (he/him) | The Good Witch Coffee Bar | Hastings on the Hudson, N.Y.

Source: Daily Coffee News

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