Try Naked Syrups Sweet Sauces


Australian-made, gluten free, vegan friendly dessert sauces, what else could you ask for?

Each of the sauces, including Chocolate, Salty Caramel and Wild Strawberry are crafted to find the balance between sweetness and natural flavour.

The Chocolate and Wild Strawberry sauces are Vegan Australia Certified, and with no artificial colours or flavours, Naked Syrups sauces are the perfect final touch for any dessert dish or drink.

Delicious both hot and cold, Naked Syrups sauces meet the demand of consumers. Whether the sauces are drizzled over an ice cream, a baked cake, an iced drink or a hot stack of pancakes, the sauces are available in easy-to-use bottles for simple dispensing to bring mouth-watering flavours.

The possibilities for delicious creations are limited only by imagination.

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Source: Bean Scene Mag

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