Flavourtech discusses its Integrated Extraction System


“No two systems are the same. Our bespoke IES process begins with the customer in mind and is key to our success and ultimately, to our customer’s success,” Ahn says.

The IES can also handle cold-brew coffee quickly, is automated and continuously producing consistent results.

Ahn says premiumisation not only offers more choice to the consumer but it also offers a higher quality of product, better nutrition, and better flavours.

“Consumers are seeking healthier, more flavoursome, more natural food and beverage options, which overall is a good direction to take,” says Ahn. “They are willing to pay more for higher quality as long as they feel the value in it.”

The customer’s desire for ethical, natural and high-quality products, plus their purchasing power have all contributed to innovation in this category.

“We have seen many flavour companies approach us recently for a way to capture the natural aroma from coffee, tea, fruits and botanicals,” Ahn says.

But that does not mean that Flavourtech is resting on its laurels. The company has a strong innovation culture.

The history of Flavourtech began from innovation. A government research organisation in Australia was exploring ways to separate volatiles from liquids in an endeavour to improve the quality of beverages. From this came Flavourtech’s SCC technology and the first module of the IES. Ahn says the SCC is recognised as “the technology of choice” when it comes to the capture of natural flavours such as from coffee, tea, fruits, vegetables, spices and botanicals.

“We have to keep innovating, developing new applications and technologies to meet our customer needs,” says Ahn. “One of these is the recently released SCC100, a smaller sibling to the existing larger units, brought about from listening to our customer’s requests for a smaller scale unit. We are extremely proud of this SCC100, the design and engineering was a challenge but with sheer determination and a strive to innovate, we got there in the end.” GCR

For more information, visit Flavourtech.com

This article was first published in the September/October 2022 edition of Global Coffee Report. Read more HERE.

Source: GCR Mag

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