Traditional Chinese medicine meets coffee and ice cream in Guangzhou


GUANGZHOU – In a coffee shop in downtown Guangzhou, Guangdong province, not only is there a buying frenzy for coffee and desserts, but traditional Chinese medicine is also practised.

Since its opening in October 2019, the shop, which is owned by Taiwanese couple Tsai Hsiching and his wife, has become a popular leisure and TCM treatment destination.

Tsai stated, “We bake speciality coffee and also offer TCM treatments to our customers.” “Coffee shops are regarded as ideal locations for business meetings and as entry points for young people to TCM.”

Approximately a decade ago, Tsai and his wife graduated from Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine as certified TCM physicians.

“Young people are eager to try TCM treatment when they discover that the coffee shop offers such services. Many have become regular TCM customers in this location,” he stated.

Changtan Coffee, owned by Tsai, is located in the thriving Tianhe district of the city, where there are more than 1,000 coffee shops of various sizes and styles. About 50 shops per square kilometre are located in the central business district, where half of these establishments are located.

Tianhe’s central business district is home to the largest concentration of Fortune Global 500 companies in Guangzhou. About 120 businesses, or 25 percent of the total, have their headquarters in the district.

“Many young people work in and around the store. Therefore, it is an ideal location for promoting TCM by combining medical treatment with coffee,” said Tsai.

In China, an increasing number of TCM pharmacies have introduced coffees with TCM ingredients, including goji berry latte, hawthorn and rose americano, and sugar snap pea cappuccino.

However, Tsai stated that they would not consider such innovative designs in the near future.

He stated, “We will concentrate on roasting speciality coffee and promoting TCM treatment services.”

All coffee in the shop is prepared by hand using beans roasted to a light or medium degree.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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