Second ‘One of a Kind Guatemala’ Auction Coming in July


The nonprofit Alliance for Coffee Excellence and the National Coffee Association of Guatemala Anacafé are uniting for the second “One of a Kind Guatemala” green competition and auction.

Anacafé launched the auction program and brand last year as a way to connect small producers from throughout the revered coffee-producing country with international buyers.

Pre-selection of competition coffees will begin later this month, followed by national-level judging in May, international judging in June and a June 10 awards ceremony. The auction will take place Thursday, July 28.

Guatemala green coffee

Through the ACE partnership, the 2022 Guatemala auction will be part of the ACE Private Collection Auction series. According to both organizers, the auction will offer a range of single-origin, small-lot coffees featuring numerous different post-harvest processing methods.

The auction program is separate from the ACE-affiliated Guatemala Cup of Excellence auction, which is currently scheduled to take place nine days earlier, on July 19.

Sample sets for One of a Kind Guatemala are currently available with early bird pricing through ACE for US$190.

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“We understand that one of the coffee consumption trends is aimed at nano and micro lots of unique coffees, which have differentiated processes in their development,” Anacafé president Juan Luis Barrios said in an announcement of the 2022 program. Barrios noted that fully washed-process, honey-process and natural-process coffees are all likely to emerge through the platform.

The auction is being opened to Anacafé-registered producers with no requirement for an export license, featuring lots that may be as small as four 30-kilo boxes.

The top 15 lots scoring 86 points or more according to an international jury will move on to the July 28 auction with an opening price of US$5.00 per pound.

Guatemala green coffee

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Source: Daily Coffee News

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