New Coffee Snake Species Discovered in Ecuador’s Cloud Forests

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Researchers from Khamai Foundation and Liberty University have discovered a new species of coffee snake endemic to the cloud forests of northwestern Ecuador. Tudors’s Coffee-Snake, a species of coffee snake, often inhabits coffee plantations, especially in areas where its cloud forest habitat has been destroyed. It lives at elevations between 1,000 and 1,500 m above sea level in the Pacific slopes of the Andes. While it faces no major immediate extinction threats, some populations are likely to be declining due to deforestation by logging and large-scale mining. The researchers hope that the discovery will highlight the importance of preserving the cloud forest ecosystem and focus research attention on human-modified habitats surrounding it, such as coffee plantations and pastures. The new snake species is named after Guy Tudor, an all-around naturalist and scientific illustrator with a deep fondness for birds and all animals. The researchers are trying to raise funds for conservation through the naming of new species, such as the Tudors’s Coffee-Snake.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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