Israelis prefer Israeli-made black coffee to European espresso


Coffee is highly valued in Israel, and Israelis consume it in a variety of forms, including a morning cup, coffee at dinner, and coffee outdoors. A survey conducted by Landwer Coffee prior to Israel’s 74th Independence Day revealed that 59 percent of respondents prefered black coffee to espresso (41 percent ).

In addition, 66 percent of Israelis consume 1 to 3 cups of coffee per day on average, compared to 34 percent who consume more than 4 cups per day on average. According to the results of this survey, contrary to popular belief in Israel, Israelis do not favour gourmet coffee beans imported from abroad. Sixty-seven percent of respondents prefer Israeli coffee, such as the ubiquitous “Elite” instant coffee, to foreign coffee brands or beans.

In certain circles, traditional Turkish coffee – unfiltered brown ground coffee – has been rebranded as “Israeli coffee.” In Israel, it is customary to drink coffee after meals, during work, and – perhaps most notably – on outdoor excursions such as army work or camping.

Landwer Coffee, who commissioned the survey, also provided guidelines for preparing the ideal cup of black coffee. To preserve texture, it is recommended to pour the coffee grounds before the water. Additionally, Landwer recommends adding sugar after the coffee has been prepared, as adding sugar to the ground coffee mixture can cause the ground coffee beans to caramelise. Lastly, according to Landwer, the darker the coffee, the more bitter the flavour; therefore, one should add as much coffee as desired.

Landwer Coffee is the largest coffee roaster in Israel. Founded in 1919 in Germany, Moshe Landwer fled Nazi Germany in 1933 to open the company’s first cafe on Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. Landwer Cafe currently has over 80 locations throughout Israel.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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