How one coffee company is maximizing private equity opportunity from luxury goods


The Blue Mountain Best CEO, Bruce Caven, has something to prove. Caven is convinced that responsible coffee growing, coupled with global investment, can bring new opportunity and profit to the world’s most sought-after coffee regions as luxury coffee prices increase globally.

Blue Mountain Best is positioned to become one of the largest and most well-connected coffee producers and processors in Jamaica’s Blue Mountains, the origin of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. Caven hopes to attract new investment to the region in order to maximize the profitability of Jamaica’s most well-known luxury export.

Caven stated in a recent interview, “A growing demand for gourmet coffee and the impatience of coffee traders to stabilize exports in the region continue to drive our efforts.” If we can capitalize on the global market’s desire for Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee while working directly with farmers to improve production and supplement long-necessary resources, the profit potential for Jamaican stakeholders is enormous.

Coffee from Jamaica’s Blue Mountain is the crown jewel of the specialty coffee industry. Despite the fact that Jamaica produces less than 0.1% of the world’s coffee, certified Jamaican Blue Mountain beans, which retain a protected status in the region, have the highest unit export value in the world. While the average global export price for Arabica coffee hovers around $4 per kilogram, the average unit price for Jamaican Blue Mountain beans is between $22 and $35 for the same quantity. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee consistently sells for between $80 and $90 per pound on the market, maintaining its impeccable reputation as the most coveted coffee in the world.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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