Don Cayito Takes Top Spot for Third Time in Costa Rica Cup of Excellence


Twenty-two high-quality coffees from four different growing regions in Costa Rica were named Cup of Excellence winners at a ceremony last week. All the winning lots are moving on to an online auction on Thursday, Aug. 11.

Notable outcomes of the 15th iteration of the Costa Rica CoE green coffee competition include: three coffees reaching a score of more than 90 points, according to the international jury; a third first-place win for the farm Don Cayito, where a record-breaking lot produced in 2018 fetched more than $300 per pound; and a first time CoE top-three win originating from Costa Rica’s Pérez Zeledón region.

Costa Rica COE winners

From the Los Santos region, the Don Cayito winner produced by Luis Ricardo Calderon Madrigal, is a honey-process, Gesha-variety coffee that scored 91.08 points. The Don Cayito farm first took the top spot in the Costa Rica CoE in 2011.

The second-place winner, scoring 90.06, is another honey-process Gesha from producer Johel Monge Naranjo at La Finca El Cedro, also in Los Santos.

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The Pérez Zeledón third-place winner is a Millenium (a.k.a. Milenio) variety subjected to anaerobic fermentation processing that was produced by John Alvarado Abarca at Finca Los Toños. It scored 90 points even.

The Costa Rica Cup of Excellence was coordinated by the Asociación de Cafés Finos de Costa Rica (Costa Rica Specialty Coffee Association, or SCACR).

In addition to the Aug. 11, CoE auction, an auction of “National Winners” that scored between 85 and 86.99 points will be held Aug. 1-15.

Auction registration and a complete list of winners can be found through the Alliance for Coffee Excellence website.

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Source: Daily Coffee News

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