Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea Introduces Limited Colombia Pink Bourbon EF2 Micro Lot


A new experimental micro lot of Colombia Pink Bourbon EF2 coffee has landed at award-winning Coffee roaster Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea. Only 25 boxes of the limited coffee are available.

The story of this rare coffee begins in Colombia’s Quindo Department. Famed for the quality of its coffee plantations, the department hosts mountain landscapes covered in tropical rainforest. Remnants of ancient volcanic eruptions enrich the soil where progressive farmer Sebastian Gomez grows rare coffees with exceptional flavors on his Finca La Divisa.

This exclusive micro lot consists of his hand-picked Pink Bourbon coffee. A hybrid of yellow and red Bourbon coffee trees, Pink Bourbon yields ripe cherries with a distinctive pink color.
“It has a high glucose content, resulting in a sweet cup, silky body and luscious mouthfeel,” said Sustainability Director Brandon Bir. A licensed Coffee Q Grader, Bir and the Crimson Cup coffee buying team travel over 100,000 miles in an average year to source coffees and forge relationships with coffee growers. “Everything starts at origin,” he said.

Given a light roast at the Crimson Cup Innovation Lab in Columbus, Colombia Pink Bourbon EF2 yields tasting notes of spice, brown sugar, and tropical fruit. “I recommend this coffee for anyone who’s ready to indulge in an exceptional cup,” Bir said. “To bring out the subtle notes, use a hand-pour brewing method.” For each hand pour, brew 24 grams of medium-ground coffee with 400 grams of filtered water, including 40 grams of bloom water.

Consumers can order a 12-ounce box for $45, with free shipping, on the Crimson and Crimson Cup websites. While supplies last, Crimson Cup will roast Colombia Pink Bourbon EF2 in small batches every Tuesday. Orders placed by Monday at midnight ship for free on Wednesday.

For over a decade, Crimson Cup’s coffee team has been trekking into remote mountains to forge relationships with small coffee farmers. Ubert said the company’s relationships, quality, and awards supply a platform to highlight the arduous work of coffee farmers. “Few consumers understand how hard it is for farmers to grow, process, and market the coffee in their cup. By sharing their stories, we invite customers to join us in kindling growth and prosperity among farming communities.”

About Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

Since May 1991, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea has roasted award-winning sustainably sourced craft coffee for consumers and wholesale customers. Through its 7 Steps to Success coffee shop startup program, the company teaches entrepreneurs how to start a coffee shop in their local communities. By developing a coffee shop business plan, entrepreneurs gain insight into how much it costs to open a coffee shop. Their coffee is available in over 350 independent coffee houses, grocers, college and universities, restaurants, and food service operations across 30 states, Guam, and Bangladesh. The company also operates several Crimson Cup Coffee Houses and a Crimson retail flagship store.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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