Award-winning Klatch Coffee launches new, lightning speed site that bridges ecommerce and cafe experience


Los Angeles, CA (May 10, 2022)——Now launched—with a beautiful design and lightning speed, Klatch’s homepage begins with warmth: “Coffee is a family affair.”

For Klatch, “Where coffee is the conversation,” found on each bag of coffee, isn’t just a catchphrase, it’s an ethos of hospitality and connection at the heart of the launch.

CEO Heather Perry shares, “With the site redesign and our ‘find your beans quiz’, we’re bringing the personal cafe experience to the ecommerce world. That unique conversation between customer and barista is now possible with a few simple steps.”

If you’re looking for variety in your coffee routine, Klatch’s Club Subscription on offers free shipping on every order, with personalized options of a different single origin, blend, or espresso every month—each curated by a member of the Perry family.

To celebrate the site launch, Klatch is offering 10 Days of Giveaways, starting May 10th, where customers can win either a three month gift subscription or a bag of “Klatch swag.” For more information, visit

About Klatch Coffee

Klatch Coffee was founded in 1993 by Mike and Cindy Perry. Roastmaster and Greenbuyer Mike shares, “For us, coffee is never finished, it’s in our DNA. We have unmatched heart, quality, and drive.” Family owned and operated with over 7 cafe locations, Klatch is known for their award-winning coffee roasted to “peak of flavor”—Mike’s signature style. Former SCA President and 2X US Barista Champion, Heather Perry, serves as Klatch’s noble (and ambitious) CEO.


Source: Coffee Talk

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