ZUS Delves Into the Ready-to-Drink Sector With Malaysia’s 1st Halal Canned Sparkling Coffee

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ZUS Coffee is introducing its first halal canned sparkling drink, COFFIZZ, in Malaysia. The carbonated beverage, which is similar to a standard canned coffee drink, features light caffeine and is intended for all drinkers, including those with low caffeine tolerance. The product is halal-certified, ensuring inclusivity for all Malaysians.

COFFIZZ comes in sets of three cans or a whole crate of 24 cans, priced at RM10.50 or RM3.50 per can. The three-pack is available for pre-orders and started fulfilling orders on January 25. The 24-pack is currently in stock and available for orders.

ZUS Coffee is a pioneer in canned carbonated coffee, having previously introduced Thunder Coffee, a fizzy coffee made with coffee, sparkling water, and honey lemon syrup. However, COFFIZZ will have its own distinct flavor profile, excluding honey lemon syrup and instead containing sugar, sucralose, and permitted food flavors.

ZUS Coffee has a new vertical called ZUS Everywhere, covering fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) and lifestyle products. This aligns with the company’s plans to become a coffee brand, similar to Starbucks, which offers its own bottled and canned coffees in convenience stores.

In summary, ZUS Coffee is introducing its first halal canned sparkling drink, COFFIZZ, as part of its foray into the ready-to-drink sector.

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