What Is Clean Coffee?


Clean coffee has gained attention on social media due to the prevalence of toxins in traditional coffee. Registered dietician Erika Barrera explains that mycotoxins and pesticide residues are toxins found in coffee, which can lead to cancer and harm overall immune function. Low levels of mycotoxins are found in over 50% of coffees on the market, but these are not proven harmful.

Several brands, including Four Sigmatic and Bulletproof, are focusing on their clean mission. Bulletproof, founded by Dave Asprey, offers supplements, creamers, and clean coffees ranging from $15 to $90. They follow European Union guidelines for contamination and third-party testing for molds, yeasts, mycotoxins, heavy metals, microbial quality, aflatoxins, and pesticides. Four Sigmatic also adds functional mushrooms to its blends to provide added benefits like mental focus, energy, mood, and immunity.

Registered herbalist Danielle Ryan Broida at Four Sigmatic recommends finding single origin brands or those using beans grown in altitudes above 4,000 feet, as those regions are less humid and less prone to fungi and mold growth. To avoid high exposure to mycotoxins, it is important to consume coffee at moderate amounts, store it properly in airtight containers, and inspect coffee grounds and beans regularly, especially if not used daily.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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