Vet-owned coffee company donates proceeds to first responders, US troops in Ukraine


While the conflict in Ukraine rages on, a local veteran is doing everything he can to assist and support US troops stationed abroad.

Richard Turner founded an online coffee business that benefits men and women in Ukraine, as well as first responders. Although Turner is no longer serving his country abroad, he has chosen to serve his community through an idea that has been simmering for some time.

Coffee is the world’s second most traded commodity after oil and the world’s second most consumed beverage after water. Now, you can enjoy your cup of coffee while simultaneously giving back.

“We enable the community to rally behind their hometown heroes,” Turner explained.

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He founded and serves as CEO of Bulwark Coffee Company. Turner served as a US Marine for fifteen years but stated that when he retired, his life lacked something, and that something was the call of service. Turner explained that as a former active military member, it is in his blood to help others and give back.

“Many of my friends have left and gotten involved in other forms of service in their local communities,” Turner explained. “Even though they have retired from military service, they continue to serve as police officers, firefighters, and EMS personnel, and we want to continue to support them.”

Invasion of Ukraine raises the stakes The establishment of the Bulwark Coffee Company
Turner is doing just that with the launch of his online coffee company. What sets it apart is that 100 percent of profits benefit law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services, military veterans, and disaster relief. Turner stated that when people donate or purchase coffee online, they will have the option of donating to a specific charitable cause, with Ukraine falling under disaster relief efforts.

Turner’s timeline for launch was accelerated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He founded Bulwark Coffee Company in 2021 with the intention of launching on Memorial Day 2022, but due to the Ukraine crisis, he decided to move the launch date to April 1 to assist those in need.

“We have special operators, friends of mine from my military days, who are over there delivering tactical assistance and conducting rescue operations in contested environments,” Turner explained. “We wanted to provide them with financial assistance and the resources necessary to accomplish those goals.”

Coffee partnerships on a local level have a global impact
Turner has partnered with several local roasters, including Corvus Coffee Roasters in Littleton and Wander Coffee in Fort Collins, both of which provide fresh blends. Kyle Kmetz, owner and roaster of Wander Coffee, told FOX31 that it was a no-brainer when Turner approached him with the idea.

“It aligns perfectly with everything we believe at Wander, particularly our commitment to giving back to the local community,” Kmetz explained.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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