Veneziano spearheading the evolution of specialty coffee


Veneziano Coffee Roasters, a multiple-award-winning ‘leader’ in specialty coffee, is celebrating 20 years of shaping and defining Australia’s specialty coffee scene. Rocky Veneziano and Craig Dickson, co-founders of a specialty coffee company, will reflect on the journey and distribute hundreds of free coffees to mark the occasion.

Veneziano Coffee Roasters was one of the first companies in Australia to engage in direct trade by establishing relationships with farmers at origin to support its sustainable coffee model. “Not only were they one of the first large-scale Australian roasters to go carbon-neutral, but the team actively advocated for transparency and education around the specialty coffee scene, transforming coffee from a habit for caffeinated survival into a celebrated experience integral to Melbourne’s iconic culture.”

At present, Veneziano’s group annual revenue is between $55 million and $60 million, with 80 tonnes of green coffee beans roasted per week and 40 million tonnes since 2002. The company services over one thousand cafes and restaurants nationwide and has opened four cafes and training studios in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Adelaide that are owned and operated by Veneziano.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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