The three C’s: Company follows mission of coffee, culture and community


Uncommon Grounds Coffee Company is unique in that it is a woman-owned and veteran-operated business that focuses on coffee, culture, and community.

Beginning this month, coffee lovers will be able to purchase bottled cold brew latte drinks as part of an expansion into Berkeley and Jefferson counties.

Andrea Sloan and Chris Beckinsale, the business’s owners and founders, founded the company as an alternative to other bottled beverages that rely heavily on artificial ingredients and chemical preservatives.

Its mission is straightforward: spread love. The company accomplishes this in a variety of ways, most notably through its support of veterans.

Beckinsale, a former Marine, has amassed a sizable following as a TikTok content creator known for spreading positivity. Uncommon Grounds Coffee Company is committed to donating a portion of all proceeds to local charities and to Mission 22, a national organisation that raises awareness about combat veteran suicide.

“We offer discounted prices to nonprofit organisations, particularly those that assist women, veterans, and the homeless, enabling them to sell our product as a fundraiser,” Sloan explained. “We believe in dividing our resources between local charities that benefit our immediate neighbourhood and national charities that benefit the entire country.

“For Chris, veteran suicide is a very personal subject. He has lost longtime friends in this manner as a Marine Corps veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan. We commit to donating a portion of proceeds to Mission 22 and the Til Valhalla Project, which both fund programmes aimed at reducing combat veteran suicide and actively raising awareness about the issue.”

Sloan exemplifies the company’s mission statement as a West Virginia art teacher in grades K-8.

The natives of West Virginia have benefited from doing business in the area.

“I adore people. As a small business, you have the opportunity to speak with people and hear their stories. “I adore it,” Beckinsale expressed. “And I’ve always had a thing for coffee.”

The two described their business as one that was founded in the spirit of spreading love and kindness in a world that is constantly in need of both.

“We take a proactive stance on issues, such as providing food and supplies for homeless persons, assisting churches and organizations with their public works, donating product for charitable fundraisers and providing free food and drinks to emergency services personnel who are on emergency scenes for extended periods of time,” a release from the business said. “Being a responsible citizen requires a long-term commitment. It entails being a genuine member of the community. It entails looking after your neighbours. We are prepared for it and will remain so for many years.”

Beckinsale explained that cold brew lattes achieve just as much flavor — but with none of the regular bitterness or acidity found in hot brewed coffee or iced coffee — through a cold-infusion process in which high-quality coffee is slowly infused in purified cold water over a period of nearly 24 hours.

“It’s a test of patience with a delectable reward.” Uncommon Grounds utilises a proprietary blend of beans, with a focus on Honduras COMSA Marcala fair-trade organic coffee,” the release added. “We use 100% natural ingredients (purified water, reduced-fat milk, fair trade certified coffee, cane sugar syrup and natural flavor extracts) without the need for the chemical stabilizers, chemical preservatives and chemical flavor enhancers that national chains add to their products.”

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Source: Coffee Talk

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