The Largest Coffee Plantations in the World


According to some online data sources, the global square of coffee plantations exceeds 5 million hectares. Consider the possibility of 5,000,000 standard football fields being built one by one. That is the approximate size of coffee plantation fields.

When a coffee gourmet makes a selection, they typically consider brands rather than a slew of essayoneday reviews. Advanced drinkers are aware of the distinct ingredients listed on packs. However, few of them consider the origins of beans. Numerous coffee enthusiasts prefer Italian, French, German, or other European coffee brands, but these brands all share one critical characteristic. There are no coffee trees in Europe.

Numerous countries cultivate coffee trees, but only a few are capable of exporting enough beans. The combination of environmental conditions, technical approach, worker qualification, and a cheap workforce creates a zone in which coffee farming is feasible.

The Coffee Belt is a chain of lands near the Earth’s equator (nearly 10 degrees to the north and south of it). The Coffee Belt spans Oceania, Central and South America, Asia, and Africa. Australia is occasionally included in the Belt, despite its distance from the marked zone. The climate conditions are ideal for growing high-quality coffee.

There is a proposal to expand the Coffee Belt to encompass territories belonging to over 80 countries, either entirely or in part. Nonetheless, there are states that cultivate coffee industrially and rely heavily on its production.

Frequently, when you read reviews, you are actually grinding the finest Costa Rican beans and drinking your coffee. Some prefer top beans from Brazil, large lands and islands in Indonesia, and Vietnamese plantations, among others. It’s a massive industry that necessitates enormous effort to ensure that you can enjoy the best coffee at home or in a coffee shop.

Below, you’ll find five countries with the world’s largest coffee plantations in each region. Next time when you order a cup of espresso when reading an assignment expert review, you might want to ask a barista about the origin country of beans. Would you agree?

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Source: Coffee Talk

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