The Coffee Club announces change in blend after 35 years


After 35 years in the industry, The Coffee Club has launched its first specialty-grade blend, Three Stories Chapter 1.

Sourced from three premium coffee-growing regions, the Three Stories blend is roasted in Melbourne and delivers a rich, full-bodied profile of dark chocolate, roasted hazelnut, and sweet sticky toffee.

“The Three Stories blend uses a trilogy of Brazilian Arabica, Colombian Arabica, and Indian Robusta beans that now take our offering into the specialty coffee category,” says The Coffee Club CEO Scott Meneilly.

“The Indian Sethuraman Estate, the source of Robusta coffee, has been honoured with eight prestigious awards for its exceptional quality. We’ve undertaken the nation’s biggest sensory coffee research study to ensure Three Stories is the level of high-quality coffee customers can expect from any independent.”

The new blend signifies a transformative shift within the company, signalling a new chapter in the brand’s legacy.

In addition to its change in blend, the home-grown café group also announced the launch of its comprehensive national training program which ensures Coffee Club team members are trained in the expertise needed to craft the perfect cup of Three Stories coffee.

Acknowledging the competitive and ever-changing nature of the coffee landscape, The Coffee Club team have ambitious plans for three new architecture concept venues.

“The Coffee Club has always been synonymous with providing a place where anyone can gather at any time and feel connected. However, we acknowledge the competitive growth in the cafe category and customer preference shifting to independent establishments. It’s now imperative for The Coffee Club to transition to an independent approach, ensuring quality across all locations throughout Australia,” says Meneilly.

To complement the new coffee blend, a fresh menu has also been introduced at Coffee Club café’s and can be found at 233 locations nationwide.

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Source: Bean Scene Mag

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