The best independent coffee shops in the world


Paris’s Boot Café
Boot occupies – you guessed it – an old cobbler’s shop on a sleepy stretch of Le Marais, and its cornflower-blue façade, original “Cordonnerie” sign, and highlighter-bright stools are difficult to miss. It takes coffee seriously, with a single barista serving espressos and Chemex pour-over brews made with beans from acclaimed local roastery Belleville Brûlerie. Given the nook’s limited seating capacity, the majority of customers order takeout and mill about outside. It’s my prefered location for a quick breather.
@bootcafe Waters, Jamie

Drop, Stockholm, serves coffee and pastries.
Stockholm’s Drop Coffee
Drop Coffee, an award-winning roastery and café founded in 2009, is tucked away in the hip neighbourhood of Södermalm. Its sustainably grown and certified organic coffee places it at the forefront of not only Stockholm’s, but also Scandinavia’s, coffee scene. Make a beeline for the incredible coffee; stay for the cardamom cinnamon buns. This intimate setting is ideal for an afternoon fika. Admire Rufus

Roasting beans at Berlin’s Bonanza Coffee Roasters
Berlin’s Bonanza Coffee Roasters
Previously, Berliners would have been hard pressed to find a cup of world-class coffee in the capital. However, in recent years, an influx of coffee enthusiasts has transformed the city into a haven for third-wave roasteries. Bonanza is leading the charge, a “excessively good” roastery that sources beans from small farms in Africa, Indonesia, and Latin America. Visitors to the Kreuzberg outpost should take note of the massive Probat G45 drum roaster from the 1950s. According to some, it’s the home of Berlin’s best flat whites. Rosanna Dodds,

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