Target will hand you a Starbucks coffee with your curbside pickup order


Delivery is a shopper’s dream — but it’s a costly hassle for businesses, even for giants like Target. As a result, retailers are attempting to persuade shoppers to split the baby: Come to the store and someone will deliver the items… to your car.

Target is sweetening its kerbside pickup offering to entice customers to do so. Beginning this fall, the retailer will begin testing an option at select locations for customers picking up items to add a Starbucks order — without leaving their car. Additionally, it is testing kerbside returns.

Target said the changes were prompted by an increase in customer use of contactless shopping, which increased by 60% in the most recent quarter.

According to Target, adding a Starbucks (SBUX) order to kerbside pickups has been a “top request” from customers. The retailer has a long-standing licencing agreement with Starbucks that allows it to operate Starbucks-branded coffee shops within its stores.

To take advantage of the new feature, shoppers planning a pickup can place a Starbucks order in the Target app and indicate when they’re “on their way” to ensure they receive a fresh beverage or food item. A Target employee will deliver the customer’s Starbucks order and Target items to their vehicle. Additionally, customers completing returns via the Target app have this option.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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