Spinn Review: Coffee Snob Results With Coffee Pod Convenience


If you consume coffee and have ever researched coffee online, you have likely encountered Spinn advertisements on social media. Spinn is a centrifugal coffee maker that produces hand-crafted, high-quality caffeine beverages from your own beans, not pods.

The best part of waking up is having an app-enabled coffee maker on your kitchen counter.

Intrigued, I reached out to Spinn to see if they would, you know, let me give it a spin (sorry, that’s the last time I’ll use that pun in this piece, I promise). I’m a huge fan of all things coffee, and I do enjoy having easy access to large quantities of it, but I’m also quite selective about where and how I obtain my fix. This innovative device appeared capable of bridging the gap between convenience and quality.

Spinn is an app-connected, single-cup coffee maker that utilizes centrifugal force to brew a variety of coffee beverages. It stores up to one pound of coffee beans in its top compartment, grinds them with an integrated burr grinder, and uses filtered water. The spent grounds are spun dry and deposited inside the machine for disposal or composting without the need for pods.

It also includes a milk frother that can be utilized to produce hot or cold foam and steamed milk.

It is immediately apparent that Spinn is not a typical coffeemaker. The box is cleverly designed to open like an animated treasure chest. Then, it’s simply a matter of removing tape from all the various components (do not throw away the green lid to the residue bin, as it is not a piece of packing material), filling it with water, and launching the application to complete the process.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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