Nespresso Introduces Four New Espresso Coffees To World Explorations Range


New Zealanders can satisfy their wanderlust from the comfort of their own homes this winter with four new additions to the World Explorations range from Nespresso: Paris Espresso, Istanbul Espresso, Rio de Janeiro Espresso, and the Limited-Edition Miami Espresso.

Nespresso created the World Explorations range in 2021 as a discovery experience, applying their expertise in blending and roasting to curate a journey for coffee lovers to explore the local coffee cultures and rituals that are practiced around the globe.

The new cities being added to the range all have a rich coffee culture, from the first coffee merchants and coffeehouses of Istanbul to the more than 35,000 coffee shops and restaurants serving coffee in Paris. Rio de Janeiro represents the world’s largest coffee-producing nation, Brazil, whereas the Limited-Edition Miami pays homage to Miami’s deeply rooted Cuban coffee culture.

World Explorations Miami Espresso – NEW and LIMITED EDITION

9 – Intensity

Arabica and Robusta from Latin America combine with a touch of Caribbean Robusta to bring this roasted and spicy coffee to life, creating a blend as vibrant as the city of Miami. Transport your coffee break to the bustling streets of Miami.

Miami is known for its vibrant hues and casual fashion. The greatest pleasures are found in sharing simple pleasures with those closest to you. The design of Miami Espresso reflects this vibrant, coastal lifestyle with more than a subtle nod to the city’s Caribbean and Cuban influences, exemplified by a variety of patterned floor tiles in vibrant hues.

To consume espresso as a native would, prepare it as a short black or with a dash of brown sugar. Combine with key lime pie for the ultimate escape.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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