Looking to Buy Better Coffee Beans? Breville Will Send Them Right to Your Door


I suppose it was inevitable that someone would create a website called Beanz. I just never imagined it would be Breville — and I certainly did not anticipate Beanz to have one of the best selections of coffee beans available directly from the roasters.

“Our customers rely on us to understand the fundamentals of delivering a true speciality coffee experience at home, and the launch of beanz.com not only reaffirms our commitment to doing so — it also serves as a foundational step towards becoming a more solution-oriented company,” Breville CEO Jim Clayton said in a press release. “By partnering with these exceptional roasters, we are able to support the speciality coffee community in the United States and the United Kingdom, as well as the coffee farmers who supply them, and assist our customers in finding the beans that are best suited to their taste and machine.”

Breville already manufactures some of the best coffee makers and espresso machines on the market, and its new e-commerce platform for coffee beans is an excellent complement to the company’s robust lineup of coffee brewers. Beanz connects coffee enthusiasts with 50 of the country’s top roasters, ranging from stalwarts like Onyx and Equator to newcomers like Coffee Project NY and Madcap, and coffee is shipped to buyers within hours of roasting. Coffee connoisseurs will appreciate the ability to sort through dozens of coffee selections by roast level, coffee flavour, and even certification (like Fair Trade or Woman-Owned).

However, Beanz does not disregard those who are unsure of the type of coffee they prefer or desire. If you’re unsure where to begin when it comes to selecting coffee beans, take Beanz’s quiz, which will run your responses through its algorithm to recommend a cup of coffee. Choose the one it suggests or go omakase with it via Barista’s Choice, a weekly subscription service for coffee beans. Simply tell Beanz your prefered flavour profile — chocolate, caramel, or fruity — and how you prefer to brew, then specify the frequency and number of bags you want, and you’ll never run out of beans again.

Coffee subscriptions are plentiful, but few are as connected to the roasters as Beanz, providing a greater platform for coffee roasters to share their wares. At Beanz’s launch event, roasters from across the country gathered to sing the website’s praises and laud Breville’s commitment to bridging the gap between roaster and consumer.
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Source: Coffee Talk

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