How to make frappe iced coffee: Easy Greek-style recipe to try at home ‘summer essential’


While frappes are of Greek origin, the term “chilled” or “partially frozen” comes from French.

According to Leite’s Culinaria, you’ll need plenty of ice to achieve the cool, whipped texture, and only three ingredients to create a sweet, refreshing drink.

David Leite stated, “A Greek-style frappe is made from coffee, milk, and sugar, and its level of sweetness can be easily adjusted.”

The refreshing drink, which can be made with or without a blender, was described by him as “a summer essential.”

For one iced frappe, you will require:

Two teaspoons of coffee powder
Two teaspoons or to taste of granulated sugar
Two or three glasses of icy water
Ice cubes
Two teaspoons of milk (optional)
In a shaker, jar, or blender, combine the coffee, sugar, and just two tablespoons of cold water.

Cover the container and shake vigorously for approximately 30 seconds, or until a thick foam forms.

Slowly pour the thick mixture over the ice in a tall glass filled with fresh ice cubes.

Once the glass is nearly full, add the remaining water and, if desired, milk.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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