How Italian coffee company Lavazza is tapping into the ready-to-drink category


Legacy coffee brands are attempting to modernise their product lines to appeal to the tastes of younger consumers. Late in April, the 127-year-old Italian coffee company Lavazza debuted its own line of ready-to-drink cold brew.

The market size for ready-to-drink tea and coffee is anticipated to reach $167.88 billion by 2030, according to the most recent data from Grand View Research. In recent years, large coffee companies have expanded their offerings of ready-to-drink beverages, particularly cold brew and iced coffee. Nearly every brand, from Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts to speciality roasters like Blue Bottle and La Colombe, now offers at least one type of CPG coffee product for sale on supermarket shelves. For Lavazza in particular, the new cold brew line is intended to appeal to Generation Z.

Lavazza’s cold brew is available in four dairy- and dairy-free varieties. Original, Nitro, Cappuccino Cold Brew with Milk, and Double Shot Cold Brew with Oat Milk are the available SKUs.

Camille Vareille, the U.S. marketing director for Lavazza, stated, “We’ve been on a journey in North America over the past several years.” “We wanted to incorporate our Italian heritage while adapting to the North American market,”

The new line is also Lavazza’s most recent effort to attract younger coffee drinkers, particularly as the popularity of grab-and-go coffee reemerges following the at-home coffee brewing boom caused by the pandemic. The new cold brew was in development for two years, according to Vareille, and was inspired by various Italian regions “while keeping calories and sugar low.”

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Source: Coffee Talk

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