Good coffee and soundproof pods the hook to lure workers back to the office


Good coffee, soundproof pods, improved technology, and assurances of cleanliness are the baits that could entice reluctant employees to return to the office.

According to a new study by OfficeMax, employees returning to the office after extended periods of working from home have high expectations.

The OfficeMax State of the Workplace study found that employees were more concerned with company values after the pandemic than they were before it.

Sixty-seven percent (67%) of office workers surveyed said they will only work for a company with a positive social impact.

80% of employees say that a company’s stated purpose or mission was important when they were seeking employment.

And 35% of those surveyed are interested in working for companies that provide goods or services that benefit society, while 22% want to work for a company that serves a local or global need.

Kevin Obern, the managing director of OfficeMax, told the Herald that salary was still the most important factor for employees, but that high-quality coffee and clean, hygienic workspaces were also essential.

People have been working from home for a considerable amount of time and have had time to reevaluate how and where they work.

“For some, they have realised that their work-life needs must coincide with their values.”

However, businesses had to walk the walk.

Obern stated that employees were not satisfied with hearing about a company’s contributions to society. They had to view it.

More than a third (35%) of those under the age of 34 claimed they would leave their job if their employer violated its stated values or mission.

“It is not enough for them to say they are inclusive or diverse or doing the right thing for the environment; they must act on these values.”

Also ranked highly on the list of essentials was caffeine.

According to Obern, many respondents placed a premium on their physical workspace, access to new technologies, and the quality of their coffee.

“Employees want their employers to go beyond instant coffee and offer quality hot beverages,” said Obern.

Some establishments have an on-site barista or coffee-making machine.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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