Coffee Turns- Is Now the Time to Hop on the Emerging Bullish Trend?

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Coffee prices have experienced wild price swings, with Arabica prices rising from below 90 cents per pound in 2019 to over $2.60 per pound in 2022 before correcting below the $1.60 level in 2023. Arabica futures reached a high of $2.6045 per pound in February 2022 and a low of $1.4205 in January 2023. Since then, coffee futures have moved back into a bullish trend, reaching an all-time high as Vietnamese production declines. Coffee is a very volatile soft commodity, susceptible to weather events and crop diseases, and has experienced a series of lower highs. Other soft commodity prices have soared, with the ICE Robusta and Arabica futures market being the only way to participate in these markets.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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