Beloved Seattle cafe on Capitol Hill to close after 25 years


On October 26 at the end of the day, Joe Bar in Seattle will permanently close its doors after a quarter century in business. Located in the historic Loveless Building on Capitol Hill, the tiny space with the welcoming green walls and twinned miniature balconies has won the hearts of the neighborhood, as evidenced by the outpouring of affection that greeted the announcement of its impending closure earlier this week.

“I’m at a loss for words to express how much the Joe Bar community means to me and how much joy that little vessel that is Joe Bar brings me,” wrote Wylie Bush, who worked at the cafe from its inception and took over as owner 22 years ago (and was quick to credit manager Devon Beck as “Joe Bar’s unwavering rock”).

“However,” Bush’s statement continued, “my love and spirit can no longer control the reality of business and those who rule the land.”

Bush went on to express his “profound gratitude” to the “dozens of dedicated employees and thousands of enthusiastic customers… [who] helped make it their own funky refuge, hospitable and reliable in an insanely changing city,” arguing that Joe Bar was truly a part of its community. This community is responding with profound gratitude and considerable sorrow.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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