Bars, Coffee Shops and Liquor Stores Experiment With THC


Minneapolis coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and liquor stores are introducing new THC-based food and beverages to cater to the growing demand for cannabis products. The legalization of THC in July 2022 and recreational cannabis in May 2023 has led to a surge in THC products, including Trail Magic and Hiii Water. Liquor stores like Top Ten Liquors, Surdyk’s, and Total Wine now sell THC products, while Cub Foods has begun to sell THC alongside its alcohol. This move is part of a larger movement to destigmatize and normalize THC usage, making it a part of everyday life. The future of THC products in bars remains uncertain, as legislators consider amending a law preventing bars from selling alcohol to those who have already had THC within the past five hours. However, customers are allowed to mix alcohol and THC responsibly, and the growing number of shops adding THC-based products is helping to normalize THC across Minnesota.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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