9 Caffeine Lovers on Why Their Morning Coffee Routine Is an Act of Self-Care


Routines can be stabilizing, calming, unique, and even the highlight of one’s day. Ask any coffee enthusiast about their morning brew, and you’ll hear how comforting it is to begin the day with the soft whir or slow drip of their reliable coffee machine. (Of course, as a stimulant, coffee can also increase anxiety levels in some individuals.) Many individuals have a positive relationship with coffee and other caffeinated beverages when consumed in moderation. After all, it is a tradition valued and cherished by countless cultures. (Honestly, what’s not to like about coffee?)

During the early days of the pandemic, when I needed some sort of punctuation to break up the seemingly endless hours spent in my apartment, I began to appreciate how unique my coffee routine is. New York City was completely shut down, so I stopped going out to get coffee, in part because there were no coffee shops open. My own coffee preparation evolved into a daily ritual that provided me with a sense of order, encouragement, pleasure, and comfort. According to a study published in the Journal of Global Health in 2020, having a daily routine, especially during high-stress periods such as the pandemic, has been shown to help protect mental health.

Even watching other people make their morning coffee was calming to me. Maggie McGill, an influencer and writer, popularized the Morning Pour Club on Instagram, in which users filmed themselves pouring their first cup of coffee of the day. It was reassuring to see someone else partaking in such a simple and reassuring practice, as well as to see the variety of ways in which others prepare a caffeinated treat.

With this in mind, I endeavored to comprehend why coffee enthusiasts from all walks of life value their morning brew so highly. Here are their comments.

“I am very involved in the coffee-making process, as I grind my own beans and use a pour-over brewer. This makes it feel more individual and like a small victory to begin the day.” – Rachel, an expert in marketing

It can be your only constant in life “Since I was 16, I’ve consumed an iced latte nearly every morning. Since adolescence, it has literally been the only constant in my life. It provides me with a routine in a world that frequently feels like it is falling apart. My morning lattes mark the beginning of my days and serve as a sign that it is safe for me to be myself, protecting me from whatever lies ahead.” —Jordan, a model

It simply makes you feel extremely happy.
“At a cooking gig in upstate New York where they had a beautiful coffee maker, my morning coffee ritual literally set the tone for my entire day. I felt as though I had a moment of solitude; it was blissful. Pressing the ridiculously small buttons. Observing the milk frother to heat my milk. Before having to care for everyone throughout the day… bliss.” —Maghan, a poet

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Source: Coffee Talk

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