8 Coffee Creamers Made With the Highest Quality Ingredients


According to a 2022 Statista survey of American coffee drinkers, nearly half of non-black coffee drinkers prefer a generic coffee creamer. As the name suggests, coffee creamer is commonly used to lighten and sweeten coffee while also contributing to a creamier texture. Consequently, many coffee creamers do not contain the highest quality ingredients, which can diminish the flavor of your morning brew.

“Avoid corn syrups and vegetable oils at all costs in creamers,” advises Hannah Mendoza, co-founder and CEO of Clevr Blends. In addition to being unhealthy, they are completely unnecessary in a creamer.

Danielle McAvoy, senior manager of nutrition for Territory Foods, recommends looking for natural sweeteners like organic cane sugar or monk fruit if you choose a sweetened creamer. In addition, she suggests selecting plant-based coffee creamers with short ingredient lists. Many almond, coconut, and oat creamers contain gums and stabilizers, making them inexpensive to produce and shelf-stable.

Keeping this information in mind, here are eight coffee creamers that use the highest quality ingredients and can be purchased on your next grocery shopping trip. Plus, don’t miss these 9 coffee brands that use ingredients of the highest quality.

Organic Valley, according to McAvoy, is an excellent brand of coffee creamer with high-quality ingredients. “Seek out cream that is antibiotic- and hormone-free, and ideally organic, grass-fed, or pasture-raised,” advises McAvoy. These standards ensure that the cream is rich in nutrients and contains no traces of chemicals. The only two organic ingredients in this half and half are organic grade A milk and organic cream. Furthermore, there are no antibiotics, synthetic hormones, toxic pesticides, or genetically modified organisms.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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