5 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Coffee – Fix Them Now


Coffee is the answer to all of our day’s problems. To open our drooping eyelids, overcome energy slump, combat cold shivers, or recover from last night’s hangover, coffee caters to all of our needs. But everything is ruined when the coffee is subpar. Even if you are not an expert barista, preparing a good cup of coffee is no easy task. But why, after numerous attempts, are you still unable to prepare a satisfying cup of coffee? You may be committing these frequent errors.

Here are five common errors to avoid when brewing coffee: Not properly storing coffee: There is nothing wrong with purchasing pre-roasted coffee in order to save time and energy. However, you may be making a mistake during storage. You should be aware that roasted beans contain numerous tiny holes that tend to absorb moisture and alter their flavor. Ensure that they are stored in an airtight container at room temperature in a cool, dry location.

2. Don’t grind beans in bulk Yes, it is a time-saving trick that everyone uses, but grinding the beans in bulk to make powder is not a good idea if you want each cup of coffee to have excellent flavor. The aroma and flavor of powdered beans diminish over time. Therefore, grind in smaller quantities and consume within a month.

Again, roast the beans in small batches. If you enjoy making coffee from scratch and roasting it yourself, try not to roast more than a week’s worth. To preserve their flavor, place the roasted beans in an airtight container. Adding boiling water to coffee If you make your coffee on the stove, and if you typically pour boiling water directly over the coffee powder, you must stop! Coffee may be scorched by scalding water. The ideal water temperature should be between 92 and 96 degrees Celsius. The ideal method is to boil the water, wait between fifty seconds and one minute for it to cool, and then pour it over the coffee. 5. Not using the proper ratio of water to coffee It is a frequent error to use too little or too much coffee. Two tablespoons of coffee grounds for every 180 milliliters of water should yield a flavorful cup of coffee.

Coffee can brighten anyone’s day. Ensure that you brew the perfect coffee every time.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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