14 best coffee grinders of 2022 to turn fresh beans into rich roasts


Whatever method you use to brew it, nothing motivates us to get out of bed more than the prospect of a freshly brewed cup of coffee awaiting our sleepy-eyed state.

There is a Starbucks-sized menu of flavours, roasts, and blends to choose from, ranging from K-cups to Nespresso pods. While the coffee enthusiast will indulge in anything that provides a caffeine boost, naturally roasted beans are among the most decadent.

Not to mention that you don’t have to sail across the sea to Costa Rica or Brazil to enjoy the best of coffee. A good coffee grinder can crush imported fresh beans into grinds suitable for use in a French press or pour-over coffee maker.

It’s significantly simpler than it sounds. We filled the tub of Smeg’s Coffee Grinder with our favourite beans (from Beanbox and Peet’s Coffee), then crushed and sipped away.

Some of the best coffee grinders can be found on Amazon (along with the best coffee makers, air fryers, and home goods), as well as Williams Sonoma, though we included additional retailers in this curated edit of the 14 best.

1. $330 Smeg Coffee Grinder
Cream Smeg Coffee Grinder, retro
We adore Smeg’s Coffee Grinder because it imparts a sense of quality and retro-mindedness to the process of brewing our favourite morning roasts. Available in a retro mint colour and other pretty pastels, this model makes grinding a breeze — simply place your coffee beans in the included tub, adjust the dial to your prefered cup size and grinding setting, and measure using the pre-numbered increments.

What makes this coffee grinder so appealing is how stylish it looks on your counter. If you purchase a bag of beans, they make an excellent decorative accent. This is an especially great splurge if, like us, you look forwards to your morning coffee each day.

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Source: Coffee Talk

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